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About Us

Introduction to Company
International Fire Protection System now constitutes a full service independent specialist Fire and Security services solution providers committed to meeting the needs of its customers for protection from fire and to keep them safe. IFPS was established in 2007 , The company has grown rapidly in a very short period of time. Company will continue to involve into specialized and complex areas of the fire protection application. IFPS is at the top flight in the fire protection industry and we keep growing to provide our best services always.

Business Description
International Fire Protection System IFPS highly
offers to the client the following services:
•Supply and Install of Fire Extinguishers
•Supply and Install of Fire Fighting System
•Supply and Install of Fire Alarm System
•Supply and Install of Surveillance System
•Fire Alarm System Annual Maintenance Contract
•Fire Fighting System Annual Maintenance Contract
•Surveillance System Annual Maintenance Contract
•Maintenance Services for Fire Extinguishers
•Designing Fire Alarm System
•Designing Fire Fighting System
•Designing Surveillance System
•Civil Defense Certification and Approval

General Manager
Mr.Maher Kandil

Mr. Ahmed Maher Kandil ( Financial Manager )
Ms Sabna ( Accounting )

Mr ALi ( Accounting )
Mr. Mohammed Saad ( Project Manager )
Engr. Charli Selvadurai ( Executive Engineer )
Engr. Shumon ( Site Engineer)
Engr. Dawn ( Site Engineer )
Mr. Mustafiz ( Site Executive )

Sales & Maintenance
Engr. Mohamed Saber (Executive Engineer )
Engr. Julius ( Maintenance Coordinator )

Engr. Safwan( Site Engineer )

Engr. Sadam ( Site Engineer )


Mr. Bahaa ( IT ADMIN )

Mr. Yasser ( CCTV Executive )
Mr. Bahaa ( IT specialist )

Mr. Mani ( Assistant )
Mr. Christian ( Assistant )

Customer Service
Ms. Amira Maher
Ms. Farah Abdel Hamid

Mr. Mohamed Saleh ( Administration Coordinator )