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About Us

INTERNATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM (IFPS) Versatile, Experienced and Professional – Our people have been trained to deliver the highest quality services. Our Staffs has a minimum of 7 years service in one of the UAE fire services. Under the leadership and supervision of our Managing Director, Mr. Maher Kandil, who had been in service for more than 30 years in the Civil Defense. The Fire Training Academy is an approved provider by the Institute of Fire Engineers, and is a member of the British Fire Consortium and the IFPS. We also hold ISO9001:2000 so you can be sure that we operate to the same high standards every time. We also offer fire risk assessment services, performed by our experienced consultants, who have had many years experience performing risk assessments, and many other services to provide a complete fire safety solution to help you protect your business and your safeties.

The INTERNATIONAL FIRE PROTECTION SYSTEM (IFPS) company will continue to involve into specialized and complex areas of the fire protection application. The company is projected to become the top flight in the fire protection industry. It was founded in 2007 and located in King Faisal Road, Umm Al Quwain, United Arab Emirates. The company has grown rapidly in a very short period of time. We highly offer to the client the following services:
Supply and Install of Fire Fighting, Fire Alarm system & CCTV System.
Fire Fighting System Maintenance Contract (yearly)
Fire Alarm System Maintenance Contract (yearly)
CCTV System Maintenance Contract (yearly)
Supply & Install Fire Extinguisher
Service Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
Civil Defense Certification and Approval

General Manager
Mr.Maher Kandil

Mr. Mohamed Abdel Halim ( Administration Manager )
Mr. Mohamed Saleh ( Administration Coordinator )

Mr. Ahmed Maher Kandil ( Financial Manager )
Mr. Ahmed Tayeb ( General Accountant )

Mr. Mohammed Saad ( Project Manager )
Engr. Charli Selvadurai ( Executive Engineer )
Engr. Layla Sultan ( Design & Estimation Engineer )
Engr. Shumon ( Site Engineer)
Engr. Dawn ( Site Engineer )
Mr. Mustafiz ( Site Executive )

Sales & Maintenance
Ms.Carol ( Sales Manager )
Engr. Abdul Rahman (Executive Engineer )
Engr. Ayman Salah ( Site Engineer )
Engr. Amr ( Site Engineer )
Engr. Chandan ( Site Engineer )
Mr. Julius ( Maintenance Coordinator )

Mr. Farahat ( CCTV Executive )
Mr. Waleed ( Assistant )
Mr. Abdullah ( Assistant )

Customer Service
Ms. Amira Maher
Ms. Farah Abdel Hamid